Visual Audio feat. J​.​Shep

from by C.Note



Produced By C.Tru



It's that visual audio, bump this in your barrio
Keep on turning up louder until parts of your body go
Tsunami mode, I mean that ladidadi mode..
Victorious, dont mess with my posse mode
Notorious, B.I.G mode

Styles like the Bellagio, luxurious Ducati flow
Burning a track like making copies on my writables
Dont make drowsy like pounding a Coors with some tylenols
Faker than a Fabio, cheesier than Polly O's


I'm beginning to consume more blunts than i do food
coolin out to old school dre...old to new WU
tang in the ice bag..BANG, let the pant sag...
heavy pants like i'm carryin a couple sand bags

spin that dope jam, spread it out, open
close ya eyes and chill, like a fur on a coathang
gurglin my word playin wit my food for thought
burnin with the mood wit the buddha i exhaust

steamin out the earlobes...ragin' out my real
realin in my hook...but no fishy in my meal
so wut you see is what you get no actin on the deal
they scared to look...some phonies massin on appeal

i beat the beat to kill...sealin in my penicillin
just to get the pen to spill my feelins of pain and ill
runnin outta fight .then my vision is outta site. pray
my wishes in the night..turn to mission in the light


from Fine Tuning demo., released December 16, 2014




C.Note Centreville, Virginia

"Willingly fell into Hip Hop for the soul."

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