Speak Easy

from by C.Note



Showbiz is good, but be true to your hood, or NOT
Stop fakin' the funk, WORD to the Good book.
Now that's a good look, you punks look shook
Boogie down in the burbs, in the city bouta pull up!

To the spot..Parkin it, lighten' the L after K Street.
I'm takin it back to crib to spray sheets
"Patience." says she..but now I'm pacin' with the pen in hand,
waiten to lay down to let the ink breathe~

She says I'm witty so I ask her if she would eat with me..
And I was weeded indeed, she got me giddy, cheesin
Crackin' a joke til I see your pretty teeth
Consuming food was just the beginning for her and me

Burning weed, crackin seeds, fantasizing fancy dreams
Fascinated, trying not to get between your jean's seems
She likes them Jordan V "Green Beans"
SeaWEED in my bowl, sticky like the rice in my Kimchi...

GOOK, YELLOW, CHINK, let go....
what you see, what you smell when I close a window.
LOOK, HELLO, THINK., mellow...
out your damn self, and light a L wit ya kinfolk

Get stupid like a bimbo, been doin it since Nintendo
You felt it like a bass knock by Timbo
You iffy like a "think so" puzzled like a jigsaw
Piss off or come and get some I'll pick off your big boss

Since yall been talkin wit ya eyes, yea I been saw
SCOPE'ing out your dirty looks, I guess I gotta rinse off...


from Fine Tuning demo., released December 16, 2014
Recorded By. C.Tru




C.Note Centreville, Virginia

"Willingly fell into Hip Hop for the soul."

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